How To Take Care Of Your Diamond Jewelry


Diamond jewelries have always occupied a special place in our heart. Although they are very sturdy, care should be taken to keep your precious jewelry safely, so that it does not get damaged or scratched. Let us take a look at some of the useful tips that will protect your diamond jewelry from any kind of damages and make them look bright and dazzling.

Keep it separately

If you have a diamond jewelry set, you should not keep the jewelry along with other pieces of ornaments. Diamonds are highly prone to scratches and these pieces of jewelry will never look the same again. You should keep them inside compartmentalized fabric jewelry cases. It is advisable to wrap them individually with a neat cloth or tissue papers and then keep them inside the jewelry bags. Also be careful that the diamond you wear should not come in close contact with bleach or strong detergents. So it is better to remove and keep it in a safe place when you are doing some household work or any other rough work.

Do a regular inspection

You need to do a frequent inspection of your diamond ornaments so that if you find out any sign of damage, you can bring it to the notice of your jeweler immediately. It is recommended that you take all your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler for check up at least once a year, just as you visit the doctor. He would scrub the ornaments to bring back its shine as well as do the basic repairs if necessary.

Clean your diamond jewelry


Our body gets exposed to a number of agents such as oil, cream, dust and hairspray, among others. This makes the diamond piece lose its brilliance and look dull. For this, frequent cleaning of your diamond accessories is essential. You can either go for a home cleaning or take it to a professional jeweler.

Basic home cleaning: You can soak your diamond ornaments in warm water with mild detergent. After a few seconds, you can meticulously clean your diamond pieces with a soft old toothbrush. Once you scrub the ornaments, you should pat it dry with a soft cloth. This can be repeated once a week. Never use any other chemicals such as chorine to clean the jewelry, as diamonds are fragile and rough cleaning may erode some parts of the stone.

Ultrasonic cleaning: This can be used to remove the coated dirt that gets accumulated on the diamond jewelry set. The method is highly technical and is done by passing on sound waves of higher frequency through a chemical solution. The dirt is cleaned due to the force of the vibrating fluid. This is a highly professional method and if not done properly may cause damage to loose diamonds and at times even dissolve the metal. So, it is best to hire a highly skilled jeweler to do this work.

These days it has become important to insure your diamond jewelry, so that in the event of damage, you may get a part of the replacement cost as per the cover.

Tips About Wearing Jewelry


Selection and wearing jewelry is one of the most important tasks and requires meticulous planning. Whether you look conventional, crazy or dignified, you should wear the right type of jewelry to suit the occasion and your personality. Here are a few tips about jewelry wearing – in the right manner.

Focus on a single part

When you are wearing jewelry, try to bring attention to one part of your body. For that, you can wear a bold piece of jewelry, either on your neck, hands, wrist or ears. The jewelry worn on other parts should be underplayed and kept as simple as possible. It should in fact compliment the bold piece you are wearing. For example, a flashy necklace can be worn with simple bracelet and a stud ring. It is also important not to have over coordinated looks. Therefore, do not match everything in terms of color and texture such as necklace, bracelets, earrings, etc.

Consider the occasion/purpose

This is the important part of wearing jewelry. Just as you dress up for a particular occasion, you should also wear jewelry based on the occasion and the activity. At a crazy informal party, it would not be the right thing to wear heavy and traditional accessories. You should keep them for more formal and conventional parties and events. Similarly you should not wear a dazzling choker at the workplace. There you need simple yet dignified accessories.


Select the correct size of jewelry


The size of the piece of jewelry should be proportionate with that your body. For example, if you have a small body stature, a large pair of earring and very long necklace would not look good on you. In such a scenario, you should go for the correct size. At times, wearing such stark contrast attracts. But you need to do that very strategically to stay out of the crowd, yet dignified.

Match your necklace with the outfit

It is very important to match up the necklace type and length with your outfit. For example, when you wear a strapless long gown, chokers would look the best. Shorter and simpler necklaces go well with boat neck tops. With flat tops and tunics, you can wear long bead or stone necklaces.

Wear the right type of earring

The earring should be in proportion to your overall body size, length and shape of your face as well as your hairstyle. It should also compliment the neck wear. Stud earrings can be ideal for daily wear and suits almost everyone. When you have shorter hair, do not go for extra-large earrings. In contrast, if you have long hair and you leave it open, your earrings may not be visible unless you wear something dramatic. When you pile up your hair, it makes your neck look longer and drop earrings look beautiful. In case you have not worn any necklace, your earrings can take the center stage.

On the whole, use your discretion and see what kind of jewelry suits your persona and also the occasion. And remember that your accessories should not overshadow your natural beauty and style.

What All Jewelry Buyers Should Know


The most powerful tool a jewelry buyers has is knowledge. It is very important to go into your purchase well informed. whether you are in the market for Diamonds, Gold, or Silver, you should learn as much as you can about both the quality and grading of the jewelry you are buying. A lot of people believe that the purchase of expensive jewelry is a good investment. But the truth is, jewelry can be a bad investment if you don’t know what you are buying. As you walk out of the store with that shiny new diamond sparkling on your finger, it loses fifty percent of its value as soon as you walk out the door.

The reason it loses its value so quickly is predicated on the fact that you bought it retail which means you can only sell it at wholesale price. Good jewelry buyers know the worth of various grades in different gems, and various mountings, this includes knowing what specific goods have sold for since asking prices and selling prices are not always the same. It involves more then simply looking at a price list when you are face to face with a dealer. It means having solid pricing information in your head and at your fingertips. Its important for the Jewelry buyers to keep up with the industry just as much as the jewelry seller do. This includes attending trade shows, looking at as many lines as you can and comparing information and insight with friends and colleagues.


The more the consumer know about the product the more secure they will feel that they paid a fair price. Buying jewelry at an auction is a good way for jewelry buyers to find a bargain. It is here where you are most likely to buy jewelry at a price closest to its actual value. Good negotiating skills are a great asset for serious smart jewelry buyers. Effective buyers see negotiation as a needed step in having a successful purchase. It does not have to produce a winner and a loser, rather it can be a win-win situation where both the buyer and the seller prosper under mutual area’s of agreement. There are dozens of books and seminars that teach negotiating skills, if this is not an area of expertise for you, as a jewelry buyer you should start now to make it one.