How To Take Care Of Your Diamond Jewelry


Diamond jewelries have always occupied a special place in our heart. Although they are very sturdy, care should be taken to keep your precious jewelry safely, so that it does not get damaged or scratched. Let us take a look at some of the useful tips that will protect your diamond jewelry from any kind of damages and make them look bright and dazzling.

Keep it separately

If you have a diamond jewelry set, you should not keep the jewelry along with other pieces of ornaments. Diamonds are highly prone to scratches and these pieces of jewelry will never look the same again. You should keep them inside compartmentalized fabric jewelry cases. It is advisable to wrap them individually with a neat cloth or tissue papers and then keep them inside the jewelry bags. Also be careful that the diamond you wear should not come in close contact with bleach or strong detergents. So it is better to remove and keep it in a safe place when you are doing some household work or any other rough work.

Do a regular inspection

You need to do a frequent inspection of your diamond ornaments so that if you find out any sign of damage, you can bring it to the notice of your jeweler immediately. It is recommended that you take all your diamond jewelry to a professional jeweler for check up at least once a year, just as you visit the doctor. He would scrub the ornaments to bring back its shine as well as do the basic repairs if necessary.

Clean your diamond jewelry


Our body gets exposed to a number of agents such as oil, cream, dust and hairspray, among others. This makes the diamond piece lose its brilliance and look dull. For this, frequent cleaning of your diamond accessories is essential. You can either go for a home cleaning or take it to a professional jeweler.

Basic home cleaning: You can soak your diamond ornaments in warm water with mild detergent. After a few seconds, you can meticulously clean your diamond pieces with a soft old toothbrush. Once you scrub the ornaments, you should pat it dry with a soft cloth. This can be repeated once a week. Never use any other chemicals such as chorine to clean the jewelry, as diamonds are fragile and rough cleaning may erode some parts of the stone.

Ultrasonic cleaning: This can be used to remove the coated dirt that gets accumulated on the diamond jewelry set. The method is highly technical and is done by passing on sound waves of higher frequency through a chemical solution. The dirt is cleaned due to the force of the vibrating fluid. This is a highly professional method and if not done properly may cause damage to loose diamonds and at times even dissolve the metal. So, it is best to hire a highly skilled jeweler to do this work.

These days it has become important to insure your diamond jewelry, so that in the event of damage, you may get a part of the replacement cost as per the cover.