The most powerful tool a jewelry buyers has is knowledge. It is very important to go into your purchase well informed. whether you are in the market for Diamonds, Gold, or Silver, you should learn as much as you can about both the quality and grading of the jewelry you are buying. A lot of people believe that the purchase of expensive jewelry is a good investment. But the truth is, jewelry can be a bad investment if you don’t know what you are buying. As you walk out of the store with that shiny new diamond sparkling on your finger, it loses fifty percent of its value as soon as you walk out the door.

The reason it loses its value so quickly is predicated on the fact that you bought it retail which means you can only sell it at wholesale price. Good jewelry buyers know the worth of various grades in different gems, and various mountings, this includes knowing what specific goods have sold for since asking prices and selling prices are not always the same. It involves more then simply looking at a price list when you are face to face with a dealer. It means having solid pricing information in your head and at your fingertips. Its important for the Jewelry buyers to keep up with the industry just as much as the jewelry seller do. This includes attending trade shows, looking at as many lines as you can and comparing information and insight with friends and colleagues.


The more the consumer know about the product the more secure they will feel that they paid a fair price. Buying jewelry at an auction is a good way for jewelry buyers to find a bargain. It is here where you are most likely to buy jewelry at a price closest to its actual value. Good negotiating skills are a great asset for serious smart jewelry buyers. Effective buyers see negotiation as a needed step in having a successful purchase. It does not have to produce a winner and a loser, rather it can be a win-win situation where both the buyer and the seller prosper under mutual area’s of agreement. There are dozens of books and seminars that teach negotiating skills, if this is not an area of expertise for you, as a jewelry buyer you should start now to make it one.